Here’s what Dialog Structure Measurement users are saying about their experiences with IKAO.

Dirk Lüger, CEO
Weischer.Solutions, Hamburg:

“We are not aware of other models that match IKAO’s Dialog Structure Measurement in quickly delivering practical recommendations for optimizing existing creations.“

Reto Gadient, founder and lecturer at B.ACADEMY, Zug (CH)
and member of the Crypto Valley Association:

"The DSM analysis is a real helper particularly in a project where a lot of stakeholders - or cooks - are involved. Because every author, it doesn't matter if financial analyst or product specialist for derivatives, has his own style of writing and feels generally confident about expecting his customers to put up with it. The DSM helps to put the focus back on the recipient. It brings the sometimes rough discussions about text reductions and content composition back on a pleasant and objective level. The beauty about it is, after the DSM analysis even lawyers from legal and compliance departments were able to be convinced to align their text better on the recipient, their customers."

Jörg Bewersdorff, CEO
Wirz Wietlisbach Dialog, Zurich:

"Wirz Wietlisbach Dialog focuses on performance-oriented solutions. The fact that we regularly achieve above-average success is due in part to the science-based Dialog Structure Measurement, and we are the only agency offering this service in Switzerland."

Claudia Freitag, CEO
Freitagsprojekt, Königstein:

"...thank you for the constructive criticism that has led to excellent results and gives us reason to anticipate a successful campaign."

Karin Wagner-Hohl, Direct Marketing & Publikations
UBS Switzerland, Zurich:

"We will definitely continue having IKAO assess our projects in the future. The results turned out to be very interesting and helpful."

Geri Aebi, CEO
Wirz Gruppe, Zurich:

"With IKAO, we can finally make decisions about detailed advertising media implementation without relying solely on our feeling. We have already tested this formula and indicator-based and thus extreme quick form of advertising media analysis on some new business projects and gained important insights from the results."

Carsten Ehling, CEO
It Works, Düsseldorf:

"It makes sense for advertisers and agencies to invest in reliable advertising media pre-tests. IT Works has been successfully partnering with IKAO for many years. IKAO’s Dialog Structure Measurement in particular is an efficient methodical process for analyzing individual design and active elements that includes an expert review/recommendation."

Alexander Wilde,
Axa Service AG:

"Mr. Hothum very successfully assisted us with our project for upgrading our entire customer communications. We developed new communications standards and helped anchor the new communications system for our customer services representatives. Developing the new standard in partnership with the employees, rather than decreeing a standard from above/outside, was a crucial factor for its success. We were also trying to reduce resistance to a new style of communication by using persuasive arguments. ... To this day, I see this partner project as a benchmark for successful implementation."

Andreas Schiefer,
PLAKATUNION Außenwerbe-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG:

"The design assessments are very meaningful, and the analyses and suggestions for improvement are very meaningful."

Gudrun Jay-Bößl, CEO
Innoreal GmbH:

"The objective analysis provided by the Dialog Structure Measurement is very useful. The additional recommendations, the perfect ratio of complexity and practicality make this assessment extremely relevant, and measures can be easily implemented."

Xenia Esser, Group Product Manager Marketing Health Care
Merz Consumer Care GmbH:

"Herzlichen Dank für die interessante Auswertung. Insbesondere die Empfehlungen sind sehr pragmatisch und hilfreich."

“The design assessments are very meaningful, and the analyses and suggestions for improvement are very helpful.”

– Andreas Schiefer, PLAKATUNION Außenwerbe-Marketing GmbH & Co. KG –

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