Momentum Plakat 2018

A media type with room for growth that’s on the rise.

"Aussenwerbung trifft. Jeden.” (Outdoor advertising affects/targets everyone.) In its generic campaign, the Fachverband Aussenwerbung (FAW) precisely expresses what makes billboards special as a medium. Everyone who moves around outside of their own home will encounter some type of billboard.

In public spaces, we constantly see regular and backlit billboards, columns, backlit panels, backlit columns or large poster ads, to name just a few. At train stations and airports, we find more and more digital advertising media. And at points-of-sale, information screens have long become the norm.

We encounter billboards everywhere, but do their messages actually reach us?

Out-of-home offers impressive opportunities for advertisers: Target groups can be reached with nearly zero distribution loss. And you can literally make a “grand appearance“.

The only requirement: For campaign developments and design ideas, the characteristics of outdoor advertising and its particular perceptual situations must be taken into careful consideration.

Momentum Plakat 2018

Where are the flagships of outdoor advertising located today? And what challenges will the robust growing media area face in the near future? Kinetic CEO Thorsten Ebbing sees considerably risen expectations to the brand experience by the consumers – this view shares Ströer Managing Director Christian von den Brincken as well.

The use of target group insights is seen as an intelligent performance-lever not only by these industry figures which are based on individual smartphone usage. Because data like that provides information about where potential customers are located, how they use their smartphone, and which contents they consume. The advantage: DOOH-Media can react individually on the viewer based on these dynamic real-time-data and send out sales messages that are actually relevant for the target group and provide added value.

Dirk Lüger, Managing Director of Weischer.Solutions, indicates the top quality of the advertising media that are available today paired with the introduction of groundbreaking tools to the performance monitoring. Furthermore, he calls the more subtler possibilities of the distribution of campaigns, for which geodata are adduced on detailed residence level and mobility data. However, he cautions with wagging finger, because in his opinion the excellence of creation cannot keep us with the positive development in the area of advertising media stock and the planning tools.

Christoph Marty, CEO Clear Channel Switzerland, has a distinct opinion on outdoor advertising as well. For him it has altered from oldest to latest media sector, with which advertising customers can reach valuable, mobile, and young target groups.

Billboard design requirements for optimum effect

Based on data from over 1,000 design analyses, the study provides reliable statements about the the billboard medium’s overall degree of appeal. It also shows to what degree the design possibilities have already been exhausted and points out key shortfalls with regard to the ad design. The study looked at analog and digital OOH media including to point-of-sale advertising presentations, such as on LCD screens.

The study determined top/flop and average values for all relevant quality segments, by media type and industry, and other categories. Positive and negative patterns have been extensively named and commented. Furthermore, the study aims to strengthen brand and agency awareness of the billboard medium, and point out that successful OOH presentations must be designed and implemented in a much more independent manner than previously thought.

And lastly, insights gained from the IKAO study will provide the basis for a guide formally detailing top-notch OOH media design.

Our offer to you: a free summary of the results.

Interested in the results of the IKAO study? Just e-mail us at info(at) mentioning "Momentum Plakat”.

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