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Series of events "Advertisement, Economy, Knowledge" / sh:z medienhaus
"Successful advertising with multichannel-marketing!"

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019, 5 pm, Pinneberg
Thursday, February 21st, 2019, 5 pm, Flensburg
Talk#1: Wolfgang Hothum (CEO/IKAO) "Knowing beforehand what happens ... and reacting just in time!"
Talk#2: Holger Meyer (CDO/Volksbank Raiffeisenbank eG Itzehoe; former Head of Google Germany) "The usage of media in the process of digital transformation of banks!"

OOH! Nr. 4/2018
"DOOH - a present for creatives" is the headline above a 5-page report, to which IKAO delivers "Golden Rules" besides statements as a guidance for the structure and composition of DOOH-Spots.

Hothum scrutinizes... in this new column the IKAO founder disputes the latest topies from the fields of OOH and DOOH from now on and on a regular basis.

OOH! 4/2016
6 page report about difficulties of creatives in dealing with the medium billboard.
This report contains: IKAO's evaluation of winner motives of the Cannes Outdoor Lions 2016 - with results that to some extent give food for thougt.

absatzwirtschaft Kompakt 11/2016
Where does the journey on the dialogue with mobile target groups lead?
To the group of experts that reveal the most important trends for 2017 belongs IKAO founder Wolfgang Hothum as well.

Ströer Media Germany website:
10 golden rules of poster design

awk Aussenwerbung website:
Tips for POS poster design / A guideline for developing powerful point-of-sale posters

Jost von Brandis „Out of Home 2016“
Reference to JvB Impact Check, developed by IKAO and available immediately to JvB customers.

w&v No. 25 / June 2015
Report regarding moving images in outdoor advertising

w&v Guide „Digital-out-of-Home“
Interview with IKAO’s CEO Wolfgang Hothum / Topic: “Why DooH creative work often misses the mark”

Jost von Brandis „Out of Home 2015“
6-page report on Dialog Structure Measurement

Ströer Magazin 03/14:
Interview with Wolfgang Hothum on the topic of advertising impact / Title: “A great deal of creative work is too technical and overly intellectual”

Der Zusammenschluss von 33 Unternehmen im Out-of-Home-Business startet im November 2017 seinen neuen Blog – und der erste Gesprächspartner kommt vom Institut für kommunikations-Analyse und -Optimierung. Hier gehts zum 3-teiligen Interview mit IKAO-Gründer Wolfgang Hothum.

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